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Diamond Paintings

Mar 15, 2019
Diamond Paintings

Diamond Paintings

This easy art involves the use of tiny diamonds. Everyone regardless of his or her age, gender, and race can do this activity. It assimilates a similar concept to that of number painting and mosaics.

The Concept of Diamond Painting

When diamond painting, it is advisable to use small pieces. In fact, the smaller the pieces the better the diamond paint that you arrive at. The result is a sparkling design for a very colorful piece of art.

The Ingredients

To color a diamond paint, you need a tub of wax, a tool for applying the diamonds. You also need a handful of colorful diamonds. However, maybe your intention is to work on a huge portrait, if this is the case, then you can use a lot more pieces of diamonds.

In addition, you need a fabric on which there is a designed chart. The design is a discipline that has its own guidelines, just as much as the other subjects do. Thus, it is necessary to have a chart to guide you on color and different art combinations.

How to Apply Diamonds

The method used to apply these diamonds is not complicated. In three steps, you are finished and ready with your diamond painting.

Why You Should Engage in Diamond Painting


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In modern times, most people find themselves strained with the need to work extra hours to make ends meet. Consequently, you may be stressed either knowingly or unknowingly. You need professional therapy occasionally to help you ease from the tension and stress that builds from time to time when at work or doing your business.

Therapists concur that diamond painting is among some of the best ways for people to relax and meditate. Besides, diamond painting entails many hours of arranging the diamond pieces together as you compare with the chart and there is nothing as interesting as watching your beautiful picture getting to its final product.

Needless to mention that it entails a lot of fun moments with loved ones and friends as you paint with diamonds.

Where to Find the Kits

The kits for using on diamond paints come in all sizes. We should keep in mind that different people would need different painting kits depending on their skills. For example, a professional painter with diamonds would not get the same kit as an armature painter. A person who is trying to paint with diamonds for the first time would need a less elaborate kit that a professional who has been in the trade for long. Diamond painting kits can be found in most painting stores. You can find them online stores too.

Helpful Tips with Diamond Painting

When Diamond Painting, the first thing you need to consider is the chart. Please ensure you review it thoroughly before you start painting. The labelling is normally done using numbers, names, or colors. You may wish to label your bag using the exact symbols used to label so that they match. This will make your work easier as you pick correct colors during your painting.

Use a protective plastic covering for your fabric design. Please note that as you remove, you should not leave your chart design bare. It has a sticky feeling that can gather dust particles easy when you leave it uncovered especially in outdoors. The cover is used well when you want to break from the painting session.

Another important tip to take note on is about your painting progress. Clearly, nobody wants to start a diamond painting project and leave it in a mess and unfinished either because they run out of diamonds midway or they just got tired because they started from corners and moving towards the centre. The best place to start your diamond painting is from the bottom. This will make it easy to track progress as you work upwards.

The kit you get usually includes a tray that is just the right size to place all the diamonds you need to work with on your piece of art. This is especially important when you wish to work with separate colors at different times. This is the recommended way of doing your diamond painting. Though, as a professional, you may wish to toy with the idea of changing colors on various rows. In this method of diamond painting, then a useful tip is to have crafting tubes or smaller bowls that hold the different colors separately. This will help you to distinguish the colors separately, hence lesser chances of mistakes when painting.

Another important tip is about carefully placing the diamonds in the right position. At the time you are arranging them in the bowl, make sure the flat side is on the container. This is the best position for diamonds so that it is easy for you when you want to use the applicator tool. This way, you will not have to change the position of these diamonds again as the applicator tools usage is quite restricted.

When in the middle of your project, whether it is a self, or assigned one, you need to be careful not to get your tools to dry out. This implies that you should always keep your tools wrapped when you are not using them. Also, ensure that your wax tab is airtightly secured to deter it from drying up.

It is human to be accosted by an emergency and you need to rush even before you have completed your diamond painting. You return to an applicator tool and wax that has dried. You should not panic. Instead, walk into any manicure tools or nail polish store and ask the attendant to sell you a rhinestone applier. This will help to reform the wetness that is necessary for you to be able to continue with your diamond painting.

Best way to Display


diamond paintying trends pie

You may use a book cover, a pillow, wall hanging or a frame. Of course, a frame is for anyone who wants the easiest alternative. A pillow would be for either your sofa or chair. A book cover is for a unique design school supply.

Care on Diamond Paintings

You should not dry clean, iron, wash or scrub. Instead, you are supposed to use a damp cloth to clean if there is dirt on your fabric while working or on the diamond painting once it is complete.





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